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We know about people who work hard, put everything into a single goal, and achieved it. Plenty of them are our role models, but there is a man (NIKOLA TESLA) who was ahead of his time, made many discoveries, changed the course of history, and remained unknown.    

How would you feel if you work your day and night, put your life and soul in it, despite all the odds achieve the prominent results, but never get the credit for it. I’m sure you’ll probably lose your mind… right? but there are a lot of personalities who have done extraordinary work in their respective fields but never got the real credit. some of them never got to see the happy ending. NIKOLA TESLA was one of the unfortunate. Not sure why that happened or who made it happen, whether it was because of political reasons or personal grudges. Mr. Tesla didn’t get a happy ending. Anyway, now it is our responsibility to do justice.

Let’s know the unknown story of Nikola Tesla PART 3

Till now we have gone through Mr. Tesla’s early age trauma, struggles, persistence, betrayal, reward, and glory. Now you are about to witness the downfall of a great genius. His life was versatile, he had near-death experiences, he struggled, he persevered, and achieved glory. But somehow he did not get the happy ending. Mr. Tesla has one of the saddest endings ever. He died alone in a hotel penniless and being ignored by almost everyone.



It is considered that his downfall started when his lab set on fire in 1895. Everything was lost in that fire. The fire destroyed his collection of research material and notes, demonstration models, and set back Tesla on his ongoing projects as well. Much of his projects were restored thanks to Mr. Tesla’s outstanding memory but the damage had been done, he never recovered fully from that.

Mr. Tesla tried to comeback with his newer and newer inventions but the string of bad luck never ended for him. He spent a great amount of time on wireless transmission technology. Tesla was working on Wardenclyffe tower to transmit signals as well as electricity wirelessly, But when Marcony successfully transmitted the first signal from England to Newfoundland. J.P. Morgan who was to fund Wardenclyffe tower backed his funding and abandoned Mr. Tesla yet again.

Marconi was given the Nobel Prize for his achievements. He used most of Tesla’s patents for this. He even got a patent for radio waves, Later this patent right was turned down from him and was given to Tesla after his death.


Mr. Tesla then spent his remaining years moving from hotels to hotels leaving unpaid bills behind. He also used to leave some of his suitcases behind. Some say that those suitcases had value more than his unpaid bills.

In 1943 at the age of 86, Mr. Tesla died alone and penniless in room 3327 in The hotel New Yorker. Far from life, he deserved to live. He was on the government’s threat radar after his idea for Death-Ray. After his death, the FBI ordered to seize his belongings for investigation. Their report stated that Mr. Tesla’s thoughts and efforts during atleast the past fifteen years were primarily speculative and philosophical often concerned with production of wireless power. But, It did not include any new ideas.”



Mr. Tesla owned more than 300 patents. Our major today runs on most of his Ideas and Inventions. Some of then are AC motor, Induction motor, Tesla coil, Transformers, Teleforce, Violet ray, X-Ray, Neon lamp, Tesla oscillator, Vacuum variable capacitor, Polyphase system, Radio Remote Control, Tesla turbine, Hydro-electricity, Bladeless Turbine, Wireless Lawsuit, Radar technology, Robotics, Shadowgraph, hushhhh…!!! The list goes on.

Mr. Tesla also worked on some projects but as we know they never materialized in reality. (Earthquake machine, Death-Ray, Thought Camera, Wireless Energy, Artificial Tidal Wave, Electric powered supersonic spaceship.)


He knew that his achievements never going to stand out from Edison. But he never stopped working on his passion or changed his career path. He went through all the hardships and persevered in his love for science. His last quote was ” Present is their. It may not be mine, But future for which I have worked for is mine”. He believed that his work will revolutionize the future and they did, But the man behind all this was forgotten. Until now, Shortly after TESLA (an Electric car manufacturing company) gained popularity the man behind also gained popularity.

In the end, I just want to add that, At the time of Tesla if people had a little bit more awareness about him, If they would have supported him, Then his end would have been different. Maybe better than what he got. Now we can’t change that but we can support those who are doing extraordinary work right now.

With that said, We have reached the end of this long long journey. I hope you are enjoyed…Mr. Tesla’s extraordinary achievements and interesting life events. If you haven’t read them already click here for part 1 and part 2.

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