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5 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds in India helps in tugging the money from investors and one can invest a small amount of ₹100. Devoid of worrying about a huge load of an investment one can feasibly serve the minimum amount which he/she intent to invest monthly with SIP plans. Having an adjustable plan design help to save for the future as per your accommodation.

The money can be invested in bonds, stocks, & market contracts, and other similar possessions which are governed by the Money Manager by investing in an appropriate chain with the defined investment. The attempt to create growth and appreciation of the number of investors. There are different types of mutual funds with equity funds that accumulate money from the hybrid fund.


There are different types of mutual funds are available which are an easy flexible way to create a diversified portfolio of investments as there are different types of mutual funds of different opinions and options which satisfy the investor’s appetite. 

Let us know what are the types available in the market regarding mutual fund investments.

The main categories are:

  • THE OPEN-ENDED FUND: This means that an investor can invest at any point in time, it is not fixed maturity.
  • THE CLOSE -ENDED FUND:  In this type of scheme investment, it automatically is retained on the maturity date.

Here, are the types of mutual funds:

a) SECTOR SPECIFIC FUND: Mutual Funds that invest in particular alike infrastructure, meaning they have a high capacity of return.

b) INDEX FUND: Investors who want to invest in mutual funds but, don’t want to depend on the money manager, rely on this type.

c) TAX SAVING FUNDS: These funds profit the investors in a way with a lock-in period for 3 years which is equity-linked savings scheme(ELSS) criteria of tax reduction under the section of 80c of the Income Tax Act 1961.

d) MONTHLY INCOME PLAN:  The proportion diversity also called marginal equity, especially suitable for those investors who are retired and like to receive regular income.



Mutual funds are the best hint for your money and it works by getting merged with the money from other investors this helps you to buy a part of a collection of investments because variety is available. It is necessary for you must figure rest of old investments as per your overall financial goals and it is managed by professionals so it becomes easy to know where to invest your money in the future and make buy and sell decisions on mutual Fund.


As it helps drawing money from the other investors and helps to gain a good amount of money. And gives the best investment options.

a) TAX PLANNING:  They provide tax benefit as under section 80’C’ under Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) up to maximum coverage of 1.5 Lakh rupees annually within the lock-period for safeguard and figuratively low from other avenues, comparatively.

b) HIGH FLEXIBILITY:  This benefit lets us know that the flexibility of plans. Talking about the liquidity of mutual funds investment, which means that one can easily cover their investments, only if it is not in the lock-in period under ELSS funds. 

c) MANAGED BY MONEY PROFESSIONAL: Mutual fund investment is managed by money professionals as it helps to keep on Hawkeye to get the best investment and monitor the portfolio of the market and also know well about Philosophy of the investments. 


Mutual fund investments are subject to appreciate capital, and if there is an increase in stock prices it will reproduce money and one can collect a unit over a certain period of duration as an instrument that provides you with a high return.

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