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Historical Moment For Indian Men’s Hockey Team- We Won a Bronze Medal

Another proud moment for India in the ongoing 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan as Indian Men’s Hockey Team won a Bronze Medal by defeating Germany with a score of 5-4. This is the third bronze medal won by Indian Hockey Team in the history of the Olympics. What made this a major achievement and a special occasion for every Indian to celebrate is that, this is the first Olympic Medal won by the Indian Hockey team after winning the 1980 Olympic medal in Moscow, Russia.

Before the match of 2020 Summer Olympics Manpreet Singh the captain of Indian Hockey team gave an amazing statement to boost the Teams confidence, he said;

I think we should just forget about what happened in the semi-final and just put all our focus and energy into the game against Germany. The team has the experience of playing them in recent times. We are ready for the challenge.

Immediately after this victory, the efforts of the Indian Hockey Team were greatly appreciated and Politicians, Athletes and Artists expressed their greetings on Twitter. Almost every Indian using twitter was congratulating the Indian Hockey Team which is led by Captain Manpreet Singh. Twitter was trending with tons of tweets congratulating Indian Hockey Team.

The President of India Tweeted on Indian Men’s Hockey Team Victory That:-

PM Narendra Modi Tweeted:-

Amit Shah Tweeted:

Arvind Kejriwal Tweeted:

Official Twitter Account of Olympics Tweeted:-

Cricketer Gautam Gambhir Tweeted:-

Heartiest Congratulations to the Indian Hockey Team for their glorious performance in the 2020 Summer Olympics and we wish the team good luck for their future. The victory of winning a bronze medal is just the beginning, seeing the performance of the Indian Hockey Team they are set to win many more medals for India and make every Indian proud.

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