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We know about people who work hard, put everything into a single goal, and achieved it. Plenty of them are our role models, but there is a man (NIKOLA TESLA) who was ahead of his time, made many discoveries, changed the course of history, and remained unknown.    

How would you feel if you work your day and night, put your life and soul in it, despite all the odds achieve the prominent results, but never get the credit for it? I’m sure you’ll probably lose your mind… right? But there are a lot of personalities who have done extraordinary work in their respective fields but never got the real credit. Some of them never got to see the happy ending. 

NIKOLA TESLA  was one of the unfortunate. Not sure why that happened or who made it happen, whether it was because of political reasons or personal grudges. Mr. Nikola Tesla didn’t get a happy ending. Anyway, now it’s our responsibility to do justice.

Let’s know the unknown story of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla [10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943]

The man who completely revolutionised the world but remained unknown to most of us.

When we see light bulb anywhere, we all can say that Thomas Edison invented it, but very few know that the electricity which causes the bulb to glow is favour of tesla. Edison was a great businessman, and Tesla was the true inventor. I guess that’s why after THE WAR OF CURRENTS Tesla’s legacy fade away and Edison shined through history.

However, we all should be thankful to Mr. Nikola Tesla for his great inventions that made our ‘TODAY’ possible. Most of the Modern Technology is modern-day versions of Mr. Tesla’s inventions [ for example ac current, neon light, x rays, radio, remote control, electric motor, robotics, laser, wireless connections, free energy, etc.]. The list goes on, but even though there are 300+ patents owned by Mr Tesla, He still did not apply most of his inventions for a patent.

When he was asked, about others using his inventions, He replied, ” I’m don’t mind them are stealing or using my idea, I’m just worried about they don’t have any of their own “.


He was the man who would do anything for science… A Magnificent Mind!


Mr Tesla, born on 10 JULY 1856 on the violent lightning storm, Considering it as bad omen halfway through midwife said: ” He’s going to obe child of dark.” But his mother firmly claimed, “NO, His going to be a child of Light”. The Prophecy she made that night did came true. History is the witness for that.

Mr Tesla got his eidetic memory, creative abilities and astonishing imagination power from his mother. She had the talent of making home craft tools and mechanical appliances. She had a great memory as well. This forged his interest in physics at a very young age. Later he became interested in demonstrations of electricity.


Mr Tesla had a brilliant mind; he topped every exam and top of that finished the 4-year course in 3 years. He also used to solve very difficultly integral calculus questions in his mind to which teachers always thought he was cheating. In 1873 Mr Tesla got contracted by cholera [back then considered as an incurable disease]. He was bedridden for more than 9 months and had many near-death experiences. Mr Tesla asked his father permission to go for engineering instead of priest path chosen by his father. His father, on the verge of despair, granted permission and gave him word that ‘ If he gets cured, he’ll be sent in university for studying engineering. Mr Tesla willpower responded and he miraculously cured of that disease.


After his recovery as promised, he was sent to Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, For studying engineering. First-year went pretty smooth. He never missed a lecture, Got the best grades possible, Passed the nine exams [Double than required]. Everything went well.


However, at the end of the second year, things took a bad turn. He lost his scholarship and became addicted to gambling. Third-year was a complete disaster; He gambled away all his allowance and tuition money. He did manage to gamble back all the losses, But doing so he completely ignored study. He was unprepared when the exam came and didn’t get an extension for study. As a result, he did not get grades for last semester, and thus he never graduated. 


I hope you are enjoying it…But, Like his extraordinary achievements and interesting life events, It is hard to cover all of them in one article. Soon there will be the next part, In which we will continue this journey. Till then, stay tuned!

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