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10 Best Privacy-Oriented Apps You Must Know

No matter what they say, but privacy is a myth now. Almost all android apps use and track our information. We all know about that, but the least we can do is try and protect our privacy a little better on our smartphones. well, in this article, we are sharing the best privacy apps on android that you should be using right away.

We are not talking about the popular apps, Instead, these are new android apps and fairly unknown Android apps (open-source Andriod apps) some are available and some are not available on the play store that will surely make your privacy on Android way better and more private.

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say”

Edward Snowden

Let’s have a look at Best Privacy-Oriented Apps You Should Be Using Now

Aurora Store

would you believe if you were told that there is an app that is similar to the google play store but not requires any accounts to log in and a bunch of added features? no right? I wouldn’t have believed either. but there is an app named Aurora Store. This app does not require an account to access it, thus you can remain anonymous.

This app offers every all apps available on the play store as it is partnered with the play store. Moreover, apps that are not available for you also can be accessed through this Aurora Store. Aurora Store also tells you about trackers that a particular app uses while on your phone. So that you can get rid of the bad and unuseful ones.

Access Dots

Access Dots is quite a handy app that lets you know about tracking in real-time. Access Dots tracks and shows colored dots on the screen when any apps are using your location, camera, and microphone. Access Dots even show full records of when these features were used and the duration of their usage.

Access Dots is a free app so it has a lot of ads in it, but if you can ignore them this app serves its purpose very decently.


This is the very best interesting privacy app on our list. Jumbo sounds like some fancy app, but it’s not. Jumbo tracks your data breaches and offers you repair measures for them. Jumbo requires your email, once you enter this app will show you a record after scanning the web that how many times your data have been breached and responsible platforms for it. It also shows what exactly led to the breaches.

Jumbo even offers simple steps to take repair and precautionary measures.Jumbo even lets you connect social media handles and tell you about personal information these platforms are collecting from you. You also can take actions to stop tracking, Jumbo offers simple steps for that. You can connect Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter also.


If you really want to know how much of your personal information is being tracked by popular apps, This ClassyShark#xodus app is for you. ClassyShark#xodus is not a very fancy app and has an outdated user interface, but it does its job very well. ClassyShark#xodus shows you real-time tracking by any particular app. ClassyShark#xodus also show how many trackers any apps have.

ClassyShark#xodus is not scanning system apps yet, but developers are working on that. We just hope very soon it will be out to use. This app will really open your eyes to your privacy and how bad tracking has become over the past few years. It’s not wrong to now say that ‘Our Privacy Is Not Private Anymore’.


Bromite is a particularly very useful app on our list. Bromite is basically a chrome app but it is a more secure and privacy-oriented app. Bromite offers you all the features that come offers but has a more privacy-focused approach. Bromite has a cleaner interface and very handy to use.

Bromite offers tones of security and privacy features like, click tracking blockers, block trackers, hiding user data from websites, going incognito always, DNS over HTTPS, smart search and AMP OFF, etc.


Syncthing is a little complicated app but trust me it’s way more useful. There is a number of apps that offer you cloud storage but those are a bit pricy and tracks almost all of your information. These apps are not immune to hacker’s attacks either. This is where the Syncthing app comes in and helps you out.

Syncthing is an open-source file synchronization app that you can use to build your own personal cloud storage. Syncthing does not use cloud storage at all, it uses your device’s memory and sync data to all added devices directly. Syncthing acts as private cloud storage and sync data across all devices and you can add or remove any device anytime. This keeps your data only to you, and not prone to being tracked, hacked, or used without permission.


Whatsapps privacy became a burning issue after Facebook acquired it. After selling WhatsApp to Facebook founders of WhatsApp built this app. The signal is a privacy-oriented app that does not collect any of its user’s data. Apart from this, it’s not very safe to use WhatsApp anymore. Signal provides great value here. Even Elon Musk tweeted about this app saying “Use Signal”.


Everything you search on google, google tracks it and uses it to know your interest and show you potential advertisements. Startpage is a search engine same as a google search engine, but it does not collect or tracks any of your data and search history. Definitely must use the app.

Proton VPN

Every website or app collects a lot of information the moment you click on it. Proton VPN hides and redirects the device’s identity keeping you anonymous. This keeps you from data being tracked or breached. Proton VPN has free as well as a paid version, but the free version also serves its purpose.

Bitwarden Password Manager

We all keep almost the same password to every account because it’s easy to remember, but this leads to many breaches more than our imagination. Bitwarden Password Manager lets you set the best different password for every account and keeps track of it. Bitwarden Password Manager very secure app so there is no worry about privacy.

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I hope this information will be helpful for you. Feel free to share your thoughts on this list in the comment section below. If you know useful applications apart from this then let us know. We will be making such useful/helpful content for you. And don’t forget to check back again later for more useful information.

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