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Guide to Getting Rid Of Sun Tanning

Summers are good, they are actually great!

That shining of the sun and those calm and starry evenings, the thought of it can be just so amazing. But to be very honest about India, Summers can be truly difficult, it is said that our country becomes one of the hottest lands in the world during the summer season.

Although, being a woman we have some leverages of being able to wear those loose floral dresses, paint our nails with some of the most funkiest colors to keep the vibe of summer season alive and happening irrespective of all the season issues.

But here during the summers, those sharp and shiny sun rays actually damage our skin more than we think.

The pollution in India has grown so much, that it is just very harmful to women, especially to move out of the house with naked skin. Women tend to have the most delicate skin and due to the same reason, it is easy for them to catch Sun tanning, Sunburn, Sunspots, and many other issues during the summer season.

This Blog is a completely natural guide on how to get rid of a Suntan & save yourself from sunburns.

The Magic Of Lemon & Honey-


Lemon & Honey are meant to be used for those disheartening Suntans. Lemon is well known for its melanin content which is a skin lightening agent, and Honey is one of the best moisturizers to be used. This combo will absolutely help you get rid of those unwanted blemishes and marks after a refreshing sunny day pool bath.

Tango of Yogurt & Tomato-


If you are from a Science background, you must know that tomatoes and lemons belong to the same family. Tomato is known for having natural bleach effects & antioxidants, hence after tomato and yogurt face pack is a must-try for every woman. It leaves your skin soft & supple while helping you fading that tanning after a long afternoon walk.

Cool Cucumber-


The entire world is aware of cucumber’s goodness, this cool vegetable is very well known for being helpful for Sunburns. When your skin is suffering from a sunburn, it is better to heal it with natural agents. You can peel or squeeze the juice of cucumber, apply it with cotton and wash your face with cold water. It will surely help you calm that angry sunburn.

Terminate Tan with Turmeric-


Tanning can be very irritating which is a very well-known fact!
Terminate that irritation with Turmeric & Gram flour face pack ( Besan )
A pinch of turmeric with a spoon of gram flour mixed with rose water or regular water can do wonders for your tanning. Turmeric is known for its antiseptic agents and it is an excellent skin brightening agent. It can be used as a regular face pack also apart from the tanning part.

Go Pro with Sandalwood & Coconut water-

We are blessed on this earth to be highly and easily accessible to coconut water. This superfood is known for its nutritive value in every aspect. Sandalwood is known for its medicinal properties, if we mix them both, we will get an amazing and refreshing face pack that will leave your skin amazingly healthy, soft, and helpful for tanning as well.

Above written were a few tips to get over your Tanning, But try and make sure that you wear a “SunScreen“ even if you are moving out of the house for minutes! Remember to choose a higher SPF sunscreen as the higher SPF, the longer you are protected by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Also, Tanning may be irritating and disheartening, but remember that tanning WILL FADE AWAY but the memories which you will make on that sunny day out with family or friends & family, will always stay!

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