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What Exactly The Skincare Means?

With rising awareness of maintaining healthy skin, there is a rise in cosmetics, various skincare products & many other things that consist of the notion “Skin Care“.


In this growing consciousness, many people are in a misconception that skincare means using expensive products, going to the salon every often for treatments, consulting a dermatologist (Going to the dermatologist is good only if you have some severe skin issues), especially with the growth in marketing and advertisement of skincare products leads us towards an idea that more the products we use, our skin will become & stay more healthy. Whereas it’s not completely true.

Basically, skincare is a very simple regime that can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin if used properly. It starts with a few healthy practices that will support the integrity of your skin cells and keep acne, blackhead, whitehead, and many other things away. We often get influenced by the advertisements that we see online-offline that recommend us to use their products for flawless skin.

Sunscreen for skincare

But the main factor to achieve flawless skin doesn’t just rely on using products that you use. It is a thorough ritual that every woman should follow and care about. Have you ever heard the phrase “treat your body like a temple”, which actually is not wrong, it is of utmost importance for us to make sure that to treat it with real care because doing so would decide how are we going to appear in near future.

Here are some simple tips that are small baby steps towards your goal of skincare, it will help you keep your skin healthy & clean which is the priority for “Skincare

Warm water:-

Drinking 4 to 5 litres of water is a must, & drinking a glass full of warm water will support your kidney work well and that can make your skin shine and look healthy. Continuing this routine would help you with your metabolic rate also.

Coldwater bath for your face:-

Just like a beehive, our skin consists of pores and those pores secrete oil on our face. And if impurities enter those pores, our skin may end up surprising with acne and unwanted pimples.
Giving ice-cold water bathe to your face in the morning would help your pores to shut down and this can also lead to skin tightening which will make your skin look younger.

Eating good fats:-

“You are what you eat” a phrase that is indeed right. When we eat right, our skin shows the results, it’s like an engine of a car. If you feed it right, it will give you good performance. Hence eating good fats like, dry fruits, fruits, vegetables can be proven good for you.


Wear what you eat:-

Have you ever heard of fruit masks/fruit facials/fruit face washes? Ever wondered where this idea came from?

Ideally, fruits are all good for our body, so whenever you eat a fruit and if you are at home. Just take a slight bit of it, apply it to your skin. Continue this regime every day and you will be able to see the difference by yourself.

Exercise and workout:-

A little bit of workout is a must for everybody! Working out will help your body keep moving and improve your blood circulation & help to maintain bodily functions. Increased blood circulation can lead to good blood flow in your entire body, and the sweat that is released is actually bad toxins coming out of the body! Now that’s a good thing as a mixture of all of these above will help you maintain your body & skin both.

Sunscreen & lots of sunscreen:-

Never, I mean never move out of the house without wearing your sunscreen. The UV rays/pollution/dirt may damage your skin in a bad way, it can tan your face, leave skin burn and many other things which we never want us to happen, stay away from the sun as much as you can to keep your skin healthy and happy.

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