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Digital Marketing: Overview, Definition & Brief Introduction

Every company needs marketing to promote their products & services. There are mainly two types of marketing one is ‘Business to Business’ (B-B) & another one is ‘Business to Customer’ (B-C).

Marketing is evolving quite rapidly due to technological advancement. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is quite in the trend. It is found that Digital Marketing is quite effective, cost-efficient & less time consuming as compared to conventional marketing. In this article we have covered what is Digital Marketing?, its elements, advantages & disadvantages. So let’s dive into it!

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a new way of marketing/promoting businesses, products & services using online-based digital platforms. You can also define Digital Marketing as the actions of promoting & selling services, products by optimizing online marketing strategies & tactics such as Search Engine Marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Nowadays everybody is talking about Digital Marketing, how it is different & can do wonders for your business, but in the end, Digital Marketing is a component of Marketing. The only difference is you can use the technology & reach to your targeted audience & track your efforts more accurately than traditional marketing.

Though it is a component of Marketing, Digital Marketing has a wide spectrum as it covers almost all online platforms for marketing & promotion purposes.

Following is the list of Primary elements of Digital Marketing- 

  1. Website Design & Development
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  4. SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  5. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Influencer Marketing
  8. Email Marketing
Let’s understand these elements one by one in a short brief-
  • Website Design & Development-

    Website design & development is the first & most important step for your business to create a strong online presence & apply Digital marketing strategy. A creative & engaging website can improve website traffic, user engagement & ROI of your business.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the series of actions taken to optimize the website to get more organic traffic from the search engine results page.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)-

    SEM is the best & most significant way to boost or grow your business in such a competitive marketplace. Google is one of the most famous platforms in India for SEM ads. SEM ads help businesses to improve their visibility in a search engine.

  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)-

    In simple words optimizing your social media post using a few tricks & techniques to increase the organic reach of your social media post or story. It also helps to increase the awareness about your products & services. We are going to discuss more about it in upcoming blogs.

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)-

    Social Media Marketing is quite an effective & powerful way to reach your targeted customers. Social Media Marketing is “push marketing” whereas Search engine Marketing is a pull-type of marketing. In Search Engine Marketing, products are promoted using “users search intent data” collected by Search Engines. Whereas Social Media Marketing is a push-type of marketing which simply means your ads gets pushed on users’ timeline or shown while they are watching videos, stories or while scrolling the feed on their timelines.

  • Content Marketing-

    There is a very famous quote in Digital Marketing, Which is “CONTENT IS THE KING!” We have seen that quality content, optimal marketing budget & strategy can create wonders for you. Thus it is very important to create relevant, engaging & user-friendly content for a marketing campaign. Content Marketing is a focused approach taken to create & distribute unique, relevant & valuable content consistently. The goal of content marketing is to attract, engage & retain a pre-defined audience. Ultimately the success of content marketing can be measured based on the conversion of users or profitable interaction by customers.

  • Email Marketing-

    Email Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing but it’s quite conventional. It simply involves the process of sending a commercial message using email to an individual or group of people. There are different types of emails. A few of them are ‘Welcome Emails’, ‘Newsletter Emails’, ‘Lead Nurturing Emails’, ‘Sponsorship Emails’, etc.

  • Influencer Marketing-

    Influencer Marketing or Influence Marketing is nothing but an evolved form of Social Marketing. It involves product endorsements & placement by social media influencers/content creators who have knowledge, expertise & influence in their field.
    Usually, influencers are the content creators who have a good follower base on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also on video sharing platforms like YouTube, Tik-Tok, etc. As they have plenty of followers on social media platforms, it helps businesses to reach the maximum number of people in comparatively low time, budget & efforts. Thus it is quite effective & in trend for marketing & promoting your products.


In this article, we just tried to explain Digital Marketing & its elements in a short brief. Digital Marketing is huge & can not be covered in just one article. Thus we have planned a series of blogs on different topics in Digital Marketing which are published soon on this site. So stay tuned & subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

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