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Top 10 New Upcoming Bikes Launch In India- 2021

The year 2020 has not been so good for the New Upcoming Bikes in the Indian auto sector. This year we were introduced to new emission norms and because of BS6, many models were discontinued. On top of that because of the pandemic, many new upcoming bike launch events were also delayed. The biggest shock for us was Indian auto giant Harley Davidson decided to quit the Indian market.

However, we all are now hoping the year 2021 will bring us some relief as well as some new exciting changes in the Indian auto sector. We are expecting several new upcoming bike launches from the Indian auto industry. Here is the list for you containing the top 10 new upcoming bikes to be launched in the year 2021. So that you can plan to buy the best model out there.

Lets have a look at New Upcoming Bikes Launch In India- 2021

Hero XF3R

new upcoming bikes-hero XF3R

Let’s start with Hero Motocorp. Hero Motocorp is India’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer. Hero XF3R is Hero Motocorp’s new upcoming bike in the 300cc segment. Hero XF3R was introduced in the year 2016 in Auto-Expo. Hero XF3R is a naked sports bike powered by a very powerful liquid-cooled 300cc 4 valve DOHC engine. This engine is capable to produce 28 to 30 bhp power. Hero XF3R also offers multiple riding options. Hero XF3R is equipped with a Dual disc, Dual channel ABS, Mono suspension, Single-sided die-casted swing arm, and a fully digital instrument cluster. this is all we currently know about its features.

Expected launch date- March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 1.8 to 1.9 lac.

Benelli Leoncino 250 (2021)


This is a bike from the Italian brand Benelli. Italians are popular for their supercars and wonderful designs and like that Benelli Leoncino 250 has its unique retro design look. The previous version of this motorcycle wasn’t compliant with bs6 norms, and for that reason, it was discontinued. The new Benelli Leoncino 250 (2021) will be re-launched and said to have a new retro look as well as multiple color options you can choose from. This won’t be going to have any mechanical changes except that the new Benelli Leoncino 250 will have a previous 249cc engine but will be complained to bs6. Benelli Leoncino 250 (2021) new upcoming bike will give direct competition to KTM Duke 250 and Java Classic.

Expected launch date- Feb/March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 2.5 lac.

TVS Zeppelin R


Cruiser motorcycle is now India’s new trend followed by every manufacturer. Late but not least TVS is now set to launch its first cruiser motorcycle TVS ZEPPELIN. TVS ZEPPELIN was showcased at the year 2018’s Auto-Expo. The new upcoming bike confirmed when TVS registered a bike with the name TVS ZEPPELIN R. TVS ZEPPELIN will make its debut in 2021. TVS ZEPPELIN R has a very different and unique beautiful look with some shiny colors. TVS ZEPPELIN R will also have an electric motor attached to a single-cylinder 220cc engine which will give you some extra torque and mind-blowing performance.

Expected launch date- June 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 1.5 to 1.7 lac.

Yamaha XSR 155


Yamaha is a well-known brand for its crazy designs and daring performance. But Yamaha is not doing well nowadays because it has been following a similar type of design language. like Yamaha launched 2008’s FZ16 with some cosmetic changes under 2019’s MT15. This bores audiences. but Yamaha is now set to launch its game-changer bike Yamaha XSR 155. Yamaha XSR 155 is a new upcoming bike from Yamaha. Yamaha XSR 155 is a retro-styled bike based on MT15’s 155cc engine. Yamaha XSR 155 has much resemblance to Yamaha’s iconic and most popular bike RX100. Full round led headlamp, round tail lamp, Single piece seat, Full LCD digital speedometer are some of the features of this bike.

Expected launch date- April 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 1.4 to 1.6 lac.

Yamaha MT 03


Yamaha MT 03 is another new upcoming bike from Yamaha to be launched this year. Yamaha MT 03 is already launched in the international market, but its Indian launch was delayed. Yamaha MT 03 is a street-naked segment sportbike with a very aggressive look. Yamaha MT 03 will compete with KTM Duke 390 and Benelli TMP300. Yamaha MT 03 is powered with 321cc 6 speed transmission enabled engine with better-tuned performance.

Expected launch date- March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 2.8 to 3.0 lac.

Aprilia RS150


Aprilia made its name in the Indian market through only scooters. now Aprilia wants to increase its portfolio. Aprilia will launch its new upcoming bike Aprilia RS150 in the year 2021. Aprilia RS150 is a supersport bike in Yamaha’s r15 segment. Aprilia RS150 is totally inspired by a popular model from European markets Aprilia RS125. Aprilia RS150 will have a 150cc engine with 6 speed quick shifted transmission and upside down console speedometer. Aprilia RS150 is equipped with a fully led lighting setup and dual-channel abs.

Expected launch date- May 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 1.6 lac.

Royal Enfield Hunter


Royal Enfield has very exciting plans for Indian audiences. Royal Enfield will be launching new 25-30 bikes soon. Royal Enfield Hunter is one of them, Royal Enfield Hunter has been spotted a couple of times in road testing. Royal Enfield’s new upcoming bike Hunter has a similar appearance to the Triumph State Twin. Royal Enfield Hunter will have a wide handle and single-piece seat. According to sources Royal Enfield Hunter will have a Royal Enfield meteor’s 349cc engine which produces the power of 20bhp and 27NM of torque. Royal Enfield Hunter will compete with Honda’s newly launched Honda Highness 350cc.

Expected launch date- July 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 1.7 lac.

Honda Highness 400cc


Japanese auto giant Honda has already given hits one after another. Honda understood Indian audiences like no other. That’s why after Activa, CBR, and Honda’s other hits company decided to launch Honda highness 400cc to continue its legacy. Honda’s new upcoming bike will be expanding its Big Wing dealership with Highness 400cc. Honda said to launch a 3-4 bike soon under Big Wing. Honda highness 400cc will have a 400cc engine, selectable torque control, dual-channel abs, and a Honda smartphone voice control system.

Expected launch date- March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 2.2 lac.

Honda CB300R


This model was discontinued after new emission norms and its upgraded version launch delayed because of the pandemic. now Honda is set to launch Honda CB300R in the year 2021. Honda CB300R is a cafe racer bike equipped with a 286cc engine that produces 30bhp power and a 27.5NM torque figure. Honda CB300R will also have a dual disc, dual-channel abs, and fully digital instrument cluster. Honda CB300R will have color options black and red. Other remaining changes will be confirmed at its launch.

Expected launch date- March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 2.5 to 2.75 lac.

Suzuki V Strom 250


We have been waiting for this bike since 2017 but now finally it is ready to launch in India. Suzuki V Storm 250 is an adventure tourer bike’s look is inspired by V storm 650cc and 1000cc. Suzuki V Storm 250 is a new upcoming bikes that will have its signature mudguard, huge windshield, round headlamp, and led tail lamp. Suzuki is expected to launch this bike with all of its European version specifications. Suzuki V Storm 250 will have suspension and braking from Gixxer 250 with improved offroading capabilities.

Expected launch date- March 2021
Expected launch prize(ex. showroom)- 3 to 4 lac.

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